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Welcome to Stock Support on Here you will find the information you need to utilize the sales gallery and search for what you are looking for.

See our FAQ / frequently asked questions at the bottom of the pages for more info about how to use the site!


Sale galleries is an independent stock gallery where you find high quality images and video, taken by professionals. 

We have one of the largest cruise galleries on the web, with low prices and fast and easy downloading.  

The majority of the pictures and videos have been taken by award winning photographer Bo Mathisen. His approach, and the wide variation of motives, means that you will find unique pictures/videos, including time lapses. More of Mathisen´s work can be seen in the portfolio gallery top left in the menu.

CRUISEPHOTOFILM.COM is no longer an independent site but is included under the domain and will still have the same content for cruise related professional photography and video. The Facebook page will still be available. If you would like us to shoot specific material (photo/film) or edit a film from existing material, please find more cruise related information at the Cruisephotofilm page.


Click on the sale Gallery link/button in the menu to start browsing, or use the search-bar/advanced search on the right. (For more information on searching, see "Search feild” below). 

Click on a thumbnail to see an enlarged picture and more info in a new window. Prices are displayed when clicked the red buy button over the images (when enlarged). You can also click buy when hovering over the thumbnail, click the dollar $ icon to do that.

To purchase a photo/video- choose the size and license type, and click "add to cart" on the right in the pop up. A window appears with info about what you just did and to buttons where you can view the cart or continue shopping. Click on "MY CART" (middle left in the menu on every page) to check out. Payment is handled by PayPal (you can pay with credit card without having a PayPal account). 


You do not need a  STOCK / SALES GALLERY-account to purchase images, nor to create lightboxes (see below). However, registering for an account is free, quick and easy, and gives you several benefits, such as the opportunity to save your paying information and lightboxes. You also get an overview of your order- and download-history.


Sale galleries´s licensing system is straightforward and easy to understand. We provide 2 different licenses with two price differences.



Non advertising license gives right to use the photo or film in 1, 5 or 25 time/s use for non advertising in social media, printed media, web, TV or cinema within a year. You can also choose free use for unlimited uses and no time limit. 



The license is for 1, 5 or 25 number of uses within advertising, commercial and editorial. You can also choose free use for unlimited uses and no time limit. 

The image/film (video) can be used for advertising in one or more of these medias: printed media, web, TV and cinema. The material may also be used by a company/organization in their image bank, where they may share pictures/video for the press and others to download. 

Example: One use may be one image in a printed magazine and 5 uses could be one posted in Instagram another in a printed article, one on your webpage etc. 

Kindly, where possible, use photo credit/byline: ©Bo Mathisen/ 


To find the prices for each photo/film- click on the red buy button over the images (when enlarged). You can also click buy when hovering over the thumbnail, click the dollar $ icon to do that, prices and more information will appear. The price is determined by the price group (A/B/C/D/E), and the license type according to usage. Prices for photos are also dependent of the choice of size- small, medium or large. Most videos are only delivered in one size (HD/1920x1080), but most time lapses can be ordered in bigger sizes (see info under Description).


Norwegian customers will get tax/mva added by the website upon checkout. Two receipts will be sent by email, one from PayPal and one from


Lightboxes make it convenient to compare pictures you are interested in- to decide which to purchase. For example, you could create a lightbox named "ships”, then look through the galleries for pictures of ships, add the ones you are considering into the lightbox, and easily compare them later.

First create a lightbox by clicking the check icon √ button when hovering on a thumbnail-photo, or click the red "add to lightbox" button on the top right when looking at a enlarged image/video, or create the lightboxes in your account page by clicking the "new lightbox" button. To add pictures to a lightbox, simply click the check √ icon under each picture you would like to include. When you click the check-icon, a green message will pop up at the bottom of the page. You can remove media from the lightbox by deleting the image/video in "MY LIGHTBOX" witch you can find to the left mebu in the middle. You can create multiple lightboxes.


By typing into the search bar (right middle on the webpage, red box) you will search among all possible media, which includes keywords, filename, title, description and more. After you clicked enter to start the search, the search word will appear in the top of the page. When you start to write, a box called advanced search becomes visible, here you can narrow the search by using the criteria in the fields below, if it is needed.

To start the search within specified criteria, click on specifications such as mediatype (photo/video/timelapse/dokuments) and orientation (portrait, landscape).

Example: To find a photo/video where it is relevant to use two or more keywords, such as "ship" and "sunset”, you can enter: ship OR sunset (Note that the OR operator must be in capital letters). This will return images that have either the "ship" word or the "sunset" word in their metadata.

To search for a keyword that is made up of two or more words, such as the name of a ship, use quotation marks ("). Searching "adventure of the seas” will give you only pictures tagged with the ship name, while adventure of the seas (without "…") will also find all pictures tagged "adventure" and "seas”.

English is the main language of the site and for the keywords. However, many Norwegian keywords follow the pictures.

Time lapses are categorized as video. If you select video you will see all videos and time lapses. To only find time lapses, search only using the time lapse keyword.

(Searching for the word "arty” will give you a search result of photos which might be suitable for decoration and maybe as design-elements in print and web.)


Email a small photo and link (to a photo/video) to a colleague or friend by clicking the share icon on the top right of the image/video, then clicking the mail icon. Click any of the social media icons to share the photo/vid


Full details of licenses and terms and conditions can be found on the Terms of Use page.


The photos are saved as full size JPGs with max quality. The size Full in the price list is original size while Small and Medium are smaller. The sizes in pixel and cm are found in the price list under each photo/video. Color space is Adobe RGB. 

Videos are saved as .mp4 files (h264 codec) with a bitrate of 20000. All videos are 1920x1080, and most of the timelapses can be ordered in bigger sizes. These videos have been marked "Available in 4K. Contact us for details.” in the description area. Put 4K in the search box to find them all. Some of the videos contain sound, however most of the sound is not suitable for use.


Time lapses are made by several photos shot in a series, with for example 5 seconds between the shots. When shots are put together in the editing process it becomes a film clip with increased speed. Most time lapses are available in high resolution and are marked "Available in 4K. Contact us for details.” in the description area.

Some videos look like time lapses because the speed is set higher than the recorded speed. Those are not available in 4K for the moment.

Please contact us if you want us to do specific retouching or changes to an image/video, be it a black and white version, a cut-out of an object or other requests.

We provide editing of customized films with material from the archive (or new material). The films may contain texts and music in addition to video and photography. 

We shoot specific material (photo/video) based on requests. More information can be found at info top left in the menu.


To sign up for our newsletter for stock photo/film and cruise related content, just click the button "join our newsletter!" on the Cruisephotofilm page . We will not hand over your email info to any third party.

To sign up for our newsletter for, you can either check the box for it when making your account or when you are on our "KONTAKT"page. We will not hand over your email info to any third party.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the search field work?

A: On our website, the search field is very sophisticated. For example, it knows plurals, so a search for cats will return images with the keyword "cat". It relies on a separate image search index, that is updated separately. 

Boolean operators help you to refine the search. For instance:

Apple Orange or Apple AND Orange will return all images that have both words in their metadata ;

Apple OR Orange will return images that have either the "Apple" word or the "Orange" word in their metadata. Note that the OR operator must be in capital letters ; 

"black cat" will return images that match the exact phrase "black cat" ;

Kid OR Child AND Male will return images of boys (the "AND" is optional) ;


PS: Our search field is "static" so if you use our navigation to get back to the last page you will be sent to the frontpage instead. We can't do anything about it, but you could use the browser's back button to get to the former page!

Q:What is a Lightbox and how can i use/manage it?

A: A lightbox is a selection of images from our website. Lightboxes allow you to select images, save that selection. You can share it with others that have an account here or to us along with comments if you want something more out of the images. When this feature is enabled, you will find the lightboxes created either in MY LIGTHBOX in the meny on the left side or in your account.

Only a customer with an account can save and manage multiple lightboxes. From the lightbox page, you can switch easily between lightboxes you have created, and lightboxes that you (or other that have access) have shared with them by email.

When a logged-in customer shares a lightbox, the recipient must log in to edit the lightbox. They can view it (everyone with the link can view the lightbox) if it's read only.

When sharing a lightbox, a logged-in customer can choose to keep the lightbox "read-only".This is done by not checking the modify box when sending the mail. This way, the person with whom the lightbox is shared can view but not modify the lightbox.

A new lightbox is created as soon as a you click for the first time on a Add to lightbox button. To be able to access the lightbox later on, you must save it to your account. 

Q: Do you offer 4K videos?

A: All our video are available in minimum 1080p (HD) for immediate download. Many of our timelapses are also available in full size (4K or larger) upon request. These videos have been marked “Available in 4K. Contact us for details.” in the description area. Put 4K in the search box to find them all.

Q: What is the difference between Video-Time lapse and Time lapse?

A: Video-time lapse refers to video clips (typically 1080p), which have been sped up. Time lapse refers to a series of pictures edited into a video clip. Time lapses are therefore available in full size (larger than 4K). Contact us if you´re interested in 4K versions.

Q: Will more galleries be added?

A: Upon it´s launch Photofilmarchive is focusing on it´s Cruise gallery, which is one of the most extensive collections of cruise stock photos/videos on the web. Other galleries and themes will be added in the future.

Q:Where can i buy and download and how to get different sizes?

A: When hovering over a thumbnail you will see little icons, and the one whit a dollar icon is to buy/see licenses. When viewing a enlarged image you will see in the top right corner some red buttons, how many depends on the gallery type you are in. One of these red buttons will have a buy icon/symbol of an dollar and the text "buy" or a license. 

When clicking the red buy button you will see a list with different licenses and print options. These licenses have different sizes that you vill see underneath the license option. Information for the license will be visible on the left side in the pop up window right under the image thumbnail. When a size is chosen you just proceed with the checkout. When checked out you will get a mail with an download link where you can download the files.

Q: Do you accept custom requests to edit/change the images/videos?

A: If you would like any specific retouching or changes to an image/video, be it a black and white version or a cut-out of an object, let us know and we can help you.

Q: Do I need to pay tax/VAT on purchases from Photofilmarchive?

A: Photofilmarchive is based in Norway, which means anyone from outside of Norway will not have to pay tax/VAT on their purchases. Norwegians will have to pay domestic tax (mva), which is added by paypal upon checkout.

Q: Is the images printed from

A: Yes and no, more info will come!

Q: Can I pay in other ways than with credit cards

A: We are currently working on it, more info will come!