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Clients Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the search field work?

A: On our website, the search field is very sophisticated. For example, it knows plurals, so a search for cats will return images with the keyword "cat". It relies on a separate image search index, that is updated separately.

Boolean operators help you to refine the search. For instance:
Apple Orange or Apple AND Orange will return all images that have both words in their metadata ;

Apple OR Orange will return images that have either the "Apple" word or the "Orange" word in their metadata. Note that the OR operator must be in capital letters ; 

"black cat" will return images that match the exact phrase "black cat" ;

Kid OR Child AND Male will return images of boys (the "AND" is optional) ;

PS: Our search field is "static" so if you use our navigation to get back to the last page you will be sent to the front page instead. We can't do anything about it, but you could use the browser's back button to get to the former page!

Q: What is a Lightbox and how can i use/manage it?

A: A lightbox is a selection of images from our website. Lightboxes allow you to select images, save that selection, and share it with others that have access, along with comments. When this feature is enabled, you will find the lightboxes created either in MY LIGTHBOX in the meny on the left side or in your account under your shared gallery.

Only a client with an account can save and manage multiple lightboxes. From the lightbox page, you can switch easily between lightboxes you have created, and lightboxes that you (or other that have access) have shared with them by email.

When a logged-in client shares a lightbox, the recipient must log in to edit the lightbox (everyone with the link can view the lightbox).

When sharing a lightbox, a logged-in client can choose to keep the lightbox "read-only".This is done by not checking the modify box. This way, the person with whom the lightbox is shared can view but not modify the lightbox.

A new lightbox is created as soon as you click on an “Add to lightbox” button for the first time. To be able to access the lightbox later on, you must save it to your account. 

If you want new people to be able to get access to the gallery/galleries you must contact us or share your password(s) to the customer/client/visitor!

Q: How does the proofing gallery option work?

A: Proofing Gallery is a gallery which focuses on proofing functionality. It's so you can order a selection of images or videos out of an unprocessed shoot, so we can process/retouch ordered images and deliver them, in a professional and integrated way to you. The gallery will be hidden, i.e. not visible in the thumbnail navigation for maximum privacy, if you want it visible and locked as you already have your other galleries then that can also be done. In the gallery you can comment each image/video and give a rating when you are in a gallery looking at the thumbnails for all of the images. You can download low-rez images or contact sheets to look at them on your computer. When you have made a selection you can place an order, you will be notified by email. Images/videos will then be available from your default/standard galleries.

Q: Where can i download and how to get different sizes then the ones visible in my gallery?

A: When looking at an enlarged image you will see in the top right corner some red buttons, how many depends on the gallery type you are in. One of these red buttons will have a download icon/symbol of an arrow pointing down and the text "low-res file". You will instantly download a low resolution image to your computer. The "Download" button is a high resolution/original image that also when clicked will instantly download the image to your computer.

For different sizes look at the two red buttons that are more to the left with the names: "Free Download by cart" and "Download Social media sizes". These have different sizes and the difference inn the two is that one have all the popular social media sizes and the other one is general sizes from small to large. They are made via the cart and made free for your consideration. When a size is chosen you just proceed with the checkout, and remember that you will not be charged. When checked out you will get a mail with a download link where you can download the files.

Q: What kind of files can i upload?

A: You can upload any size you want as long as it's one of the formats you can see below. We recommend you upload full-resolution images/videos to benefit most from what Photofilmproduction client archive has to offer, as the system automatically generates the preview images in your galleries. Also with larger images, more different sizes can be downloaded afterwards.

Supported formats:
  • Images: JPG, TIFF, PNG and GIF (including animated GIFs) ;
  • Videos: all common video encodings ;
  • Documents: PDF

Q: How will my images be seen in the gallery?

A: All preview images are converted to the sRGB color space, Note that for performance reasons (page display speed), the sRGB profile is not embedded in the thumbnails, so the color will be accurate only on the larger previews (assuming the viewer's browser is properly color-managed).

Q: Can the design be different?

A: Yes, it can. See the DEMO client in the client archive and go into the gallery named "DEMO INTERFACE". Here you can see some examples of branding and what designs can be made.

Q: Is my content printed from

A: Yes and no, more info will come!

Q: Do I need to install anything on my computer?

A: No, this is a full online archive, e-commerce and proofing platform.

The server and system we use take extensive measures to minimize any risk of losing data. For example, they perform a daily offsite backup of the whole database (not including images). The images are hosted on the Amazon AWS/S3 cloud, designed for mission-critical storage. We make a secure backup of everything we and you upload to your account. We have backup several places for good measures and in a cloud online.

Q: Can I pay in other ways than with credit cards?

A: Yes, more info will come!

Q: What distinguishes you from other photo / video file / data banks?

A: We do things a little differently than the others in the market. We operate the webpage so companies do not have to spend unnecessary time adding metadata to content so that it's searchable and does not steal your time organizing the content. Read more here!

Q: Will my photos in private/client archives be visible in search engines?

A: No, as long as it's in a private/locked/hidden gallery that we have made for you with either password or account protection, your content will not be indexed by search engines. If it's only hidden it wont be indexed but it if shared to a customer or visitor, they would get full access to your galleries. 

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To be able to upload images and Video files to the Client archive we have to approve them and manage the files. Please click the link to send a mail and ask for a request for one of the options under:

If it does not happen automatically, write this in your subject field: Request to "Upload to my private archive" or one of the others.

Write which company you are from, your full name and which gallery you want the images stored in the description!!

You will get a request by mail where you can upload max: 20GB with images/videos/pdf files to our dropbox folder that will again be used either to send files to your archive or for us to edit and send back to you or make available from the archive.

For Clients that want to add more files to their image/video-bank in the future, wont need to ask for more request and may just use the same link to upload!

If Any problems would arise, please contact us at

Thank you for Using our services!