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Welcome to Client Archive!


Use button above to login or to create new user accounts. For direct access to company-archives: use the url for your client page (bookmark it!). Example: COMPANY HERE

Your company and your partners have secure access 24/7 to your client archive via a web browser on a PC/Mac or even mobile phone. There’s no software to install and YOU CHOOSE WHO TO GET  ACCESS TO YOUR FILES.



Click either the "CLIENT ARCHIVE LOGIN" button on the Client archive info/login page to login to your client account or you can find your business/public page by entering this url with your company at the end: COMPANY HERE.

You can also find your business thumbnail if you don't add your company at the end of the URL!

After you have clicked either your business or used login and clicked your gallery in your account, you now will see the default client area where there is two galleries (standard have two galleries, can be custom made for your needs ) and one of them is locked by either password protection or needs an account with access granted. The other is open for anyone and is meant for the press or other partners and visitors you want to be able to download your logos, guiding lines for graphics or maybe a portrait. When you have entered the main gallery, you will see the default layout where there is a gallery for photos, videos, graphics and proofing if you have used our services.  

When you have entered one of this galleries click on a thumbnail to see an enlarged picture and more info. Different sizes can be displayed when clicking the red button called "Free Download by cart" over the images (when enlarged). You can also click the same buttons when hovering over the thumbnail, but just as icons instead. To get a photo/video choose the size, and click "add to cart" on the right in the pop up. A window appears with info about what you just did and two buttons where you can view the cart or continue shopping. Click on "MY CART" (middle left in the menu on every page) to check out. You will not have to pay, this is free for clients. When checked out you will get a mail with an download link where you can download the files.


You do not need a Clients-account to get access to the archive or images, nor to create lightboxes (see below). However, registering for an account is free, quick and easy, and gives you several benefits, such as the opportunity to get an overview of your order- and download-history and lightboxes made/saved. A plan can include unlimited users unless you just want one for all, or just a password protected archive (no account needed, unless you want one). You can also have no password or an account but a hidden archive, not visible here or anywhere unless you have the link (if some visitors should get the link, they would then get full access). For the best protection we advise an account, you get to store info and we get to see most of it if you need help/support. It's possible to have passwords on galleries for further protection. If you want an account and a locked archive, we need you to contact us so that we can grant access to you or all that needs it.


Lightboxes make it convenient to compare pictures you are interested in- to decide which to purchase or they can be simple galleries you make out of photo/videos that are in your account. For example, you could create a lightbox named "ships”, then look through the galleries for pictures of ships, add the ones you are considering into the lightbox, and easily compare them later.

First create a lightbox by clicking the check icon √ button when hovering on a thumbnail-photo, or click the red "add to lightbox" button on the top right when looking at an enlarged image/video, or create the lightboxes in your account page by clicking the "new lightbox" button. To add pictures to a lightbox, simply click the check √ icon under each picture you would like to include. When you click the check-icon, a green message will pop up at the bottom of the page. You can remove media from the lightbox by deleting the image/video in "MY LIGHTBOX" witch you can find to the left menu in the middle. You can create multiple lightboxes if you have an account.


The archive have protection by default, so it's locked (not indexed) for search engines/browsers. For security reasons so no ones can find your content by other means but to login, you can not search to find what you are looking for unless you are inside the gallery. When inside a gallery with media and you see thumbnails, you will see the search bar (right middle on the webpage, red box). Just hover over to be able to write. You will search among all possible media, which includes keywords, filename, title, description and more. After you clicked enter to start the search, the search word will appear in the top of the page. When you start to write, a box called advanced search becomes visible, here you can narrow the search by using the criteria in the fields below, if it is needed.

Because you have a non indexed archive choosing to uncheck the "search only this gallery" wont work for you. It will only work if your archive is public/open for everyone (and thus is your content in search engines/browsers).

To start the search within specified criteria, click on specifications such as mediatype (photo/video/timelapse/documents) and orientation (portrait, landscape).

Example: To find a photo/video where it is relevant to use two or more keywords, such as "corporate" and "commercial”, you can enter: corporate OR commercial (Note that the OR operator must be in capital letters). This will return images that have either the "corporate" word or the "commercial" word in their metadata.

To search for a keyword that is made up of two or more words, such as the name of a ship, use quotation marks ("). Searching "adventure of the seas” will give you only pictures tagged with the ship name, while adventure of the seas (without "…") will also find all pictures tagged "adventure" and "seas”.

English is the main language of the site and for the keywords. However, many Norwegian keywords follow the pictures. PS: this depends on the business that use us.

If you are looking for a time lapse then time lapses are categorized as video. If you select video you will see all videos and time lapses. To only find time lapses, search only using the time lapse keyword.


Email a lightbox with media to a colleague that also have an account by clicking the mail icon when in a lightbox by either going to "MY LIGHTBOX" in the left menu or clicking client login to get to your account then clicking your lightboxes underneath your shared galleries.


Full details of information, terms and conditions can be found on the Terms of Use page.

Please contact us if you want us to do specific retouching or changes to an image/video, be it a black and white version, a cut-out of an object or other requests.