You can get video and photography from the same occasion/trip. If you want, we can quietly make the material without involvement of big teams, and intrusive equipment, which could disturb passengers and crew. Of course we can at the same time do shots which are arranged, with people and food for example.

You can have films (including timelapses) and a collection of photos ready to choose from in a short time, without hassle. Ready for Facebook, newsletters, Youtube and more. It could also be a good idea to have photo and video in our archive, for instant downloads when needed. l think there are many type of agreements we can do, and l feel sure we can make one you will find beneficial!

We are based in Oslo, Norway, but can do shoots anywhere in the world.


Modern and cool time lapses can be made with small motorized devices. Time lapses speed up the time, and can be used to make video sequences where you in seconds, for example, can see the change from day to night, or a ship entering a port. Sliders or other devices make the camera move at the same time.

-l love being at sea, and travel with great ships, but l should also very much like to move inside a shipyard to make a film about the construction of a cruise ship. With long term time lapses from beginning to end, and maybe motorized shorter period time lapses, drones and good photography/video, we can produce a unique film that has big potential to get much attention in the press and a long life on Youtube/Vimeo with a lot of viewers, says Bo Mathisen.

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Bo Mathisen has for several years been licensed by Civil Aviation Authority, Norway to fly drones to create video and photography from the air. -It is great to be able to carry your own helicopter along- which gives extremely interesting possibilities. l can film when flying from near to far, or get special views in photos. With ordinary helicopters it is not possible to do it in the same way. 


We make interactive 360° pictures which are great for websites and tablets! Within the panorama you can look around in all directions- including all the way up or down. Multiple 360° panoramas can be combined into a virtual tour, where, within one panorama, you can click to the next. In this way one can show several rooms in one tour. Music, video and maps can be added to virtual tours.