Our stock archive, under photofilmproduction.no, contains cruise related photography, video clips and time lapses from different ships and locations, that are meant for use in a wide range of areas.

Our archive’s search functions make it easy and fun to look around, and find the right material. A lightbox function is practical to compare and choose material.

The material can easily be downloaded from our archive whenever needed, with low prices and quick payment through paypal (with paypal account or by credit card). We believe it could be difficult to find an equivalent collection of photos and films elsewhere.


The archive contains different types of photos and might be suitable for different kind of use, from main objects in ads, to backgrounds and design elements in different type of printed material and on web. Often we have added several similar photos to increase freedom for designers to let the photos match with headlines, text and other content. Please contact us if you want us to do specific retouching or changes to an image/video, be it a black and white version, a cut-out of an object or other requests. 

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Video clips and time lapses are ideal to spice up online communications, presentations, video productions for corporate use and press. Clips can be used together with your own material, or you can edit whole films with material from cruisephotofilm.com. We can also edit complete films with text and music, ready for clients to use.

We hope you enjoy our collection! Please send us an email (bo@photofilm.no) if you have opinions, wishes or ideas! We look forward to adding new content in the future!


Legal laws and regulations regarding the use of photography and video vary from country to country. The buyer is himself responsible for following the applicable laws and regulations for the use of material from us. This applies regardless of whether the purchased license is "Non Advertising" or "Advertising". Our material where there is recognizable property, which can apply to photos/videos of ships (exterior/interior), is mainly intended for editorial use. We are careful not to photograph/film subjects where people can be recognised. Some of our material has a model release (written in info when the image is viewed large). Cruisephotofilm.com/owner Bo Mathisen is not responsible for customers' use of our material.


Here are examples of popular searches in the archive. Click one of the suggested search words below, and you´ll be taken to all the material which is tagged with that keyword. Of course, you may search for any word you like, or just browse through all the material in the cruise gallery. Lightboxes can be created to help you compare and choose photos/videos.

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